Art Group

I founded The Painting for Pleasure Art Group in Rafol d’Almunia, Costa Blanca,in October 2008 to encourage friends who love Art to paint regularly.  We are a small friendly group who share a love of drawing and painting.

We normally get together every Monday at 2.30pm in the Social Centre, Rafol d’Almunia ( or at each other’s houses in July and August.) 

COVID 19: Please note that we are currently awaiting the chance to get together again. Hopefully this will be in Autumn 2020.

We paint and draw together, everyone bringing their own materials and subject. It’s lovely to be in a group where people take an interest in your work and offer help or equipment when needed, and we take a coffee break in the local bar to socialize. There is often a project set up for you to draw if you don’t have any ideas of your own that week.

When possible we organise demonstrations, sketching trips and gallery visits.

We exhibit our work together once a year in the Marina Alta region of Spain –  our exhibitions are well received, with some sales and commissions.


Annual membership is only 30 euros ; this covers all exhibition expenses and any purchases the group needs, so once you are a member exhibiting with us is free.

We welcome artists of all skill levels from beginners to advanced, so expert advice and help are always on hand.

Please contact me if you require more information or would like to apply  – by leaving a message on the Contact Form.

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