Learn from Impressionism

Learning from the Impressionists. The Impressionists changed Art for ever – in the centuries immediately before them, most paintings were created indoors in a studio, so that trees and skies for example were stylised, idealised, sometimes unconvincing. Subjects were historical – eg from ancient Greece or Rome – or  mythological ( nymphs, gods and goddesses),Continue reading “Learn from Impressionism”

Earn compliments with your colours!

Look at the inner wheel – the complementaries are opposite each other: Primary yellow is opposite its complement, purple; Primary red is opposite its complement,  green; Primary blue is opposite its complement,  orange. (Because each complement is made from the remaining two primaries.) Think about this! The outer wheel shows a warm and a coolContinue reading “Earn compliments with your colours!”

Painting more loosely

People often ask how to paint more loosely and it is something most artists strive towards, including me! At the same time I want to give an accurate impression of the subject that inspired me ( impression being the operative word!) Here are some of my favourite ideas for looser painting: Choose your subject –Continue reading “Painting more loosely”