Art as a force for good

( and if you buy anything from my website I’ll take 10% off and give all money to Ukraine. Just get in touch via the Contact Form.) In a world still struggling with the pandemic, climate change and now with a terrible new war, creating art could be seen as a trivial occupation, but IContinue reading “Art as a force for good”

Group Hugs?

The global pandemic and social distancing have meant almost 18 months of isolation, and hopefully you have kept up some art, but working entirely on your own. Or if you are a complete beginner, you have been wondering how to start! Maybe you have been watching You Tube videos and giving them a go. HoweverContinue reading “Group Hugs?”

Keeping a Travel Journal

Keeping an illustrated journal, especially of a particular journey or place, is such a wonderful thing to do – it will give you and others pleasure for years to come. Having your own sketches, drawings and paintings with hand-written notes and labels creates such a personal reminder of places you have seen, far more thanContinue reading “Keeping a Travel Journal”

Learn from Impressionism

Learning from the Impressionists. The Impressionists changed Art for ever – in the centuries immediately before them, most paintings were created indoors in a studio, so that trees and skies for example were stylised, idealised, sometimes unconvincing. Subjects were historical – eg from ancient Greece or Rome – or  mythological ( nymphs, gods and goddesses),Continue reading “Learn from Impressionism”